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Wrap-Up Survey

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THANK YOU for participating in the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge!

I hope you really enjoyed the experience and also gained the knowledge, tools, skills, and friends to continue on with your new SexyFit™ lifestyle!

Please take just a few minutes to fill out this uber important survey by Friday of this week - your input helps every SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge evolve.

This is an open comment zone, feel free to share anything you'd like me to know here :-)

And if you did have any hesitations, were they addressed/resolved during the program?

Pounds lost, inches lost, sizes down in clothes, changes in hair, skin, nails, sleep patterns, energy, immune system, as specific as you can.

Again, be specific! I'd love to know any revelations, how your mood's evened out, emotional triggers being addressed etc.
Videos, handouts, smoothies/bars, supplements, video recipes, support forum, online access, etc.

Do you feel that this program has given you the knowledge, skills & power to move forward with your new SexyFit™ Lifestyle and enough resources to continue on with the program? Why or why not?

Why or why not?

I would LOVE to feature you on my site. Your own personal experience will benefit so many others that are considering the program, just let me know what you are comfortable sharing - the more open, the better as others feel just like you and it gives them permission to feel the same way. Either way is great, it's totally up to you.

My ideal info: First & Last Name, Occupation, Age & Location.
(E.g. Carmen Marshall, 40, Laguna Beach, CA. Founder of the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge. If you own your own business, please leave me your business name and link so I can give you a link back to your business. I'd also love to include your twitter handle if you'd like! And one more thing, email me your favorite picture so people can associate your beautiful face to what you are saying. (I'd love your before and after photos, too, if you're willing to share them!)

If you love to write/have something specific you'd like featured on the website, add it here. The more specific the better!

Comments, suggestions, feedback on any area of the challenge?

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